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Francine&Steve Should be out by tonight or tomorrow (: Dare I say

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Life really be me playing game

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tig ol bitties

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This was my newyears resoloution for this year (sorry for the spelling) So whata wanana do?

Possible story lines

Beth falls for her son


She is unhappy with Jerrys Dick


Jerry is unable to get hard , he may be gay , he may be a "Cuck"like his father (it seems like Jerry) and hes secretly gay(sleepy gary)


To futher the plot as well It fits his character (in dee show)


Beth starts looking at Morty her son romanticly and she shook over it , she goes through a moral DIELEMMEA

But finds a reason to do so cause shes battleing with her inner demons and gives in

Morty gets a handjob for cleaning his room and doing good at his "school work"


This brings alot of questions like

How does each memeber of the family feel about it? And or do they know?

Jerry:He gets talked into letting beth spend some extra study time with Morty

Jerry is okay with it in order to teach his son something about being a "man" Just like his father


Jerry may not know right away , maybe Beth and morty keep their afair a secret and Jerry finds out but hes horrifide and curious about his new found sexual "kink" after catching them in the act



Jerry and Beth come home from seeing a mental health doctor cause they think Morty is dumb

Beth learns more about morty and this morty is brave not a simp deffends his mom from a hobbo attack

Beth&Morty start going on dates and hunging out more while Jerry is "busy"with his shows.


I want keep the shows Story line and work around that, with the catch being sex

I will produce a rick and morty comic with some of these "elements" or a better one (:


Posted by ParanoidApple69 - 1 month ago

Happy Holidays!

Posted by ParanoidApple69 - November 4th, 2020

I should write this in my Five Star Booklet and write down a meaningful speech and then correct it

But that would take to much effort


Plan Outline/45mins/mom's basement

Questions /What do I want out of drawing?

(Answer)I would like to...

1) create correct anatomy , 2) correct art styles , 3) correct colors and shading,4) making a good comic for Rick And Morty(NSFW)

(realistic lore) , 5) producing good (nsfw) content of cartoons (lol)


How Can I achieve these goals?

Rethink on my outlook on the process of making art

Putting the time in even if It makes me feel like I'm wasting my time

Drawing Doesn't get me high and It takes me effort not to make a mistake and when I do

It feels uncomfortable (Problem)


I must learn , exerience , study and be taught art via youtube , sketch book , critical thinking ,

I need Idea's for what content I will create and set a scedualle ,

I must Having a set time or times that I'm okay with


Why would I want to create art?

Because seeing good art pierces my heart its the same feeling I get when I see I girl I like or a really good song (Radiohead Burn the witch) (Cydock,bigtyme,vaultman,shadman,shiin,Aeolus, are just some of the people I can think off of the top of my head that I'v seen and wanted to create.


How did I create art in the past and how will I create art now?

I sat down and I drew from my head and as of recent using references (mostly) I do better without them (or so I thought)

I make mistakes and rethink my view on mistakes when I don't want to make them


Being able to start (I dont want to draw for an hour)


1)I don't want to be bored and sit in front of a blank page

2)I don't want to have no idea's when I sit there

3)I don't want the room to be a dim blue and quite while i'm writing


I do want to have a agenda a battle plan when I do. And when I don't I have the options of stopping to learn or stopping to forget about it both are equally realistic

So I will create a battle plan for Daily Weekly and monthly

Create a plan for lazyness weakness unmotivation and work with these emotions when they come

Laying In bed plan , Getting enough sleep , having warm clothing ready so I can get out of bed

More cold showers to strengthen my mind,

Working thru sadness Lonelyness anger and fear


What causes these emotions in my brain?(May)

thinking im not good enough / not good enough for what?

thinking on how not good I am / Comparing my art scetch process or product to someone elses finished art

Thinking Telling myself I suck/I probably do but working on what I suck at productivly

I did enough work today : Some days are too much for me like a moving day,(life will give you breaks)

What counts as "breakday" ?

The ruthless side of me laughs at the fact that part of me is so weak but working on those emotions

I'm tired

I'm cold

I dont want too

Watching random youtube agorithum stuff

The lack of thought and the thought of fear and being fearful when its not nececarry and and is rationallity the key to fear? Or is it a mix with bravery?

What is bravery to me?

I searched it up and it is to be cauageous and to be courageous I was develop or do the things that require it

the abilty to do somehting that frighten one and the strenghth in the face of pain or and grief


What things in my life that may require me to be Volentarally courageous? And not?

Getting out of bed while cold its easy to do when hot

Getting out of bed to a life I want to live and moving towards that goal

I want to wake up to a enviroment clean some clothing on the ground and warmth to get out of bed

If I fail I sleep in I waste time and I'll get thrown off (problem) and not want to do what I do anything cause I slept in and didnt follow the steps ,

Sleep in plan:

On days I sleep in I will start the scedual as planned (plan)

and possibly completying those goals when I'm suppost to be playing game


Must I draw everyday? 365 days in a year (60)minsx(360)days=21900 mins in a year

It takes 10000 hours to master something(Jordan Peterson)58 days/ish till the end of the year

I have 3480 Minutes or 58 One hour sessions till the end of the year

416.6667 days straight 1 hour a day

I have gone days without sleep let along days without drawing. It is nice to see though

that doesnt look to bad I could be a pro by 2022 if everything goes right lol

And it won't but this the best case


I take sh*ts and longer and with more effort then I do my drawing

but no one has ever gave me 3 stars for it

I do it cause It needs to come out ...like my art.


What would cause me not to continue or start?

Feeling overwelled I feel this way everytime I see someone who is so much more talented then me

Comparing my self to others is not working out

Compare myself to who I was yesterday


Will I do art is no one sees it?

No but alot about about art is not being able to see how it was made but the finished product

What if no one likes it? reflect and act

What if you give up? I will be oblivious to what future I could of had and most likey happy and contempt with my comfort


I must grow and develop the habits


Making plans for plans

trying new habits and old habits out so I can find the right ones



Possible but right now i'm open mic level of artist

or even less

People will pay me if they think my product is good and if i'm selling

i must first work on my product and the company(my art and myself)

(Question) A career is suppost to have astart date and finish date

I want to go to a office to draw and work in a chill invorment with likeminded people

thinking of Adult swims office.

Instead of me just in my room lol or in the basement alone lol

How could I work towards this goal?

But thats location


Do I want a career in art?

Types of Art Degrees and Programs

  • Sculpture.
  • Printmaking.
  • Art design.
  • Drawing and Painting.
  • Studio arts.
  • Architecture.
  • Digital media. (from wiki)

Yes but It seems like a slim chance if I continue to live the way I do and that is a unplanned life (ill be honest not really because I don't want to be stuck somewhere that is to challenging or not challenging enough atm the moment doing art is challenging

How can I work around a subject that's to challenging?

Taking it apart peice by peice in a gameplan what ever the clallenge is

And address the issue, and what is a challenge?

testing ones abilities, demanding

Inviting competition


The type of art I do is hard for me cause it takes effort

but benefits me


Future content Idea's


1)Simpsons -Marge -Bart

2)Family Guy - Lois

3)Rick and Morty - Beth - Jessica

Practice for 20 mins min to 45mins ideal 1 hour Max

if its like working out I may have to incress my time


1)Week 1 act reflect observe plan/pratice drawing a rough copy for a finished product

1)Work on uploading the finished product and repeat


Practicing the plan

Everyday I'll mark X for each day I drew and aim for getting 5 days

Rest, burnout,as I write this i paused and I was thinking about the Mountain of days i will have to live thru and each day


Complete what I start (My goal for the day is to get started)

My goal for the week is to have a rough copy of 1)Minimum 2(Nice)(3)The more work I do doesnt not grant me a break per week unless I


Fail How can I fail at this completely?

I could never get to it and keep telling myself im going to do it when I won't volentarrly

So Drawing in the mornings/class breaks(sfw)/after class/after din din/before din din/after gamming


Tired-1 min

Sad 1-song(lol) I may stop feeling sorry formyself because It has brought me no benifits or knoledge but it happens

Happy- Take full advantage of this and draw for 45-1hour

Bored sitting on the couch 7:34pm having slept in having drawn but I did everything else or ate slept pooped or I havn't done anything , feeling like a failure or I think one of the reasons why I shouldn't

1) I did enough im to tired im cold i dont know what to draw Im tired of drawing the same thing

If I take a break/rest/giveup for one of these reasons

I failed to follow my scedualle and failed my time (as if it were an entity)


What happens when I "can't" or wont?

The world will keep on spinning , there will be no new art that people may like and or dislike, not being able to capture the magic that is creating a image from my mind


Monthly Goals and Rules

Work and research my weakness (Goal) (Rule 1) -youtube

Making a plan and follow it (Goal) (Rule 2) -Stay on the edge of comfort and uncomfort (Goals)(rule 5)

Reflect act oberserve plan repeat (Goal) (Rule3)

Go threw the process of creating and researching art (Goal)(Rule 4)

Self Improvment


Building these habits

Observing when I show weakness and work on that by writing it in the 5 star

Following thru so youtube (disapline) Weakness is loss of muscle strenth

Self Disipline doesnt have a voice and won't speak to me

Awards for my efforts:I wont know it unless I set goals for myself and all I want is that legacy so a portfolio of charaters

How will I reward myself? Except no reward

Benifits? If dont right I should learn how to do more stuff and be able to post content,

I will not be the best, I will not be the worst,I will finish or procrastinate trying


Things I would like to do?

Drawing some good NSFW art and see it on google one day

my goal lol


Start date 2020/11/04 -2021/11/04 (year goal)


36 Pictures (3 per month) 1 minimum (Goal)

36 just turned into a mountain and a goal that requires a productivity


Battle plan 3 month plan 2020/11/04 2020/12/04 ( Not in order ,productivity over talent(make mistakes)

Rick and morty 1) Beth and Morty 2) Mister Golden Fold/Jessica 3) Gary video game Pov

Simpsons: 4) Marge and Bart 5) Maud Flanders (church stuff)6)Marge and Bart 2)

Danny Phenton 7) Danny Maddie 8) Danny P And the Goth chick 3)Vlad and somebody lol


This took me about 5 hours and it flew by I missed class lol

But I now have A sense of direction and at this point it is now up to me

To follow thru and complete it regardless of the state its in


If your reading this thanks for reading.